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The Basics Of International SEO For Hotel Search Engine Marketing

International SEO is in essence the process of making sure your website is optimized for those countries oversees which you want to target for...
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How To Get More Google Review Stars From Guests

Getting a great review on Google can seem a tricky art to master – but once you get the hang of it, you can...

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Everything You Need To Know About Voice Search For Hotel Bookings

“Okay, Google – find me a hotel in London for next week.”“Alexa, where can I go in September for less than £300?”“Hey Siri, show...

Best of both worlds: Booking Direct – the benefits of a...

In many ways, it’s very much in the interests of a hotelier to shift away from relying on online travel agents (OTAs) for the...




What’s Driving the Change in Search for Hotel Brands?

Increasing traffic to your hotel’s website is likely to be a core part of your revenue strategy in the digital age. But what has...