Can You Drive More Revenue From Your Automated And Transactional Guest...

E-mail marketing is a large part of any successful hotel marketing strategy, as e-mail is one of the key ways hoteliers and hotel marketers...
Website Design

Don’t Leave me Hanging: Optimising your Site to Avoid Abandoned Bookings

People visiting a website and beginning a direct booking but giving up before finishing is one of the banes of an independent hotelier’s existence;...

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How can you keep booking acquisition costs at a profitable level?

The amount of money you spend to attract each guest making a booking has a direct impact on the profitability of your hotel. To...
Hotel Booking App

Increase Occupancy with Hotel Apps

Those in the hospitality industry are well aware of the importance of time. Any unoccupied rooms mean losses - even if it is for...




marketing and revenue management

Personalisation Leads to Higher Engagement in The Hotel Business

In the hospitality and travel market, email marketing can be personalised effectively. This is accomplished through a variety of simple techniques. By building customer...