Understanding the conversation prism and what it means for your hotel%u2019s social media marketing strategy

Understanding the conversation prism and what it means for your hotel’s...

A little over a decade ago, social media was barely mentioned when talking about marketing but it’s become an integral part of any modern...
Online Booking

New Ways to Get Even More from Your Booking Engine Performance

With the number of travel booking made online approaching 150 million every year, and online travel agents taking commission for bookings, it’s imperative that...

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What Makes A Brilliant Hotel Booking Engine?

How do you make sure your hotel’s booking engine is the best of the best? There are many different ways of crafting a booking...

Have you tried these tactics to win bookings back from aggregators?

With research suggesting that travellers are no longer loyal to a particular brand, but swayed by convenience , hotels must do all they can...




Revenue management

Increasing Hotel Revenue through a Properly Developed Business Plan

For any hotel business to thrive, creating a well-developed and researched business plan is key. There is no shortcut for this. You really need...