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Writing an enticing headline can go a long way towards boosting overall engagement with your hotel blog and news pages. Taking time to craft a strong headline is something all travel marketers and hoteliers should commit to when creating new content. While it can be easy to assume that this is the shortest element of any piece of content, it’s actually one of the most important as the title will help readers determine:

  • How relevant the news item or blog post is
    How interesting it is
    Whether it’s worth clicking through to read more or scrolling past in favour or another piece of content or news
The next time you’re compiling a blog post, try keeping our top 5 headline writing tips in mind to boost views and click throughs for your blogs and news items…

Use A Working Title

One of the most inhibiting aspects of blog or news writing is facing a blank page, so be sure to use a working title to help outline precisely what it is you need to write. By its very nature, it doesn’t have to be perfect. Through the process of writing your post, you will likely find something catchier and snappier to draw in interest from your readership so refine, refine, refine. You won’t want to leave it too open-ended, as a title which is too generalised won’t help to guide your content. Once you have drafted the basics of your post, you can then convert the title into something more SEO-friendly and compelling at a later stage.

Avoid Hyperbole and Clickbait

If you want your hotel blog or news items to be trusted as a source dispensing genuinely interesting content, then try and avoid drawing in (and disappointing) your readership with false promises and over-exaggerated claims . There is sometimes a thin line between conveying enthusiasm and conveying downright falsehood in order to boost click throughs. Social networks are cracking down on this with Facebook in particular saying it will penalise Pages that use clickbait to get readers to click on the post so the title you choose could have ramifications elsewhere.

Keep It Short and Clear

Clarity is hugely important when crafting a title for your piece. The immediate nature of online content appeals to the impatient in all of us, but it’s a little more critical and techy than that; social sharing requires that headlines remain to within around 8-12 words for optimum shares on platforms like Twitter and Facebook, so be sure to keep it simple.

Optimise Content for Social

Sharing blogs, news and articles is a major part of the social media landscape, and if you want your hotel internet marketing to perform at its very best, it’s important to take this into account when crafting your title. Include vital keywords and catch reader’s attention to improve your click-through rate.

Brainstorm Ideas
Not sure how to get your headlines into the best possible shape? Brainstorm some ideas either solo or with a trusted friend or colleague to be sure of getting some unexpected content curation tips from your own network, ensuring you can supercharge your hotel’s marketing content!

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