Revenue management

What data should you be using for better revenue management?

Analysing the right data is paramount for effective revenue management. Your potential customers are swamped by hundreds of offers emblazoned on websites when they’re...
Business Meeting

What does the digital landscape mean for your brand positioning?

The world of brand management has changed rapidly over the last 10 years. We’ve seen the true emergence of a digital landscape which has...

Know more about Booking Engine


Both ends covered: the importance of front-end- and back-end in booking...

An online booking engine can be a game changer for a hotelier; no question. It can be the difference between increasing RevPar (rates per...
Why your hotel should offer a ‘shopping cart%u2019 experience

Why your hotel should offer a ‘shopping cart’ experience

Shopping online today is an enjoyable experience for consumers; they’re typically given complete control thanks to the diversity of e-retailers on the market. But...




peer to peer accommodation

Taking on Peer-to-Peer Accommodation: How Hoteliers Can Compete and Succeed

Considering the aspiration behind most start-ups is to disrupt big-fish rivals, few have been as successful – and become as notorious – as Airbnb....