Hotels vs OTAs The Battle For Millennial Travellers

Hotels vs OTAs: The Battle For Millennial Travellers

The rise of the Internet has overhauled the travel booking industry, giving travellers unprecedented options when it comes to booking their next trip. Before...
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Sales, Productivity and Efficiency: Why your Hotel needs a Booking Engine

It is, of course, stating the obvious to say reservations are the lifeblood of each and every hotel. What may be less obvious for...

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3 Things Your Hotel Site Should Invest In To Boost Bookings

With competition to create the best website in your industry at fever pitch, it’s critical to ensure your site is keeping up with smart,...

Independent Hotels Prefer More Flexible Cancellation Policies

Your hotel’s guest cancellation policy is one of the unsung weapons in winning over more direct bookings. This is a crucial tool in helping...




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Taking on Peer-to-Peer Accommodation: How Hoteliers Can Compete and Succeed

Considering the aspiration behind most start-ups is to disrupt big-fish rivals, few have been as successful – and become as notorious – as Airbnb....