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Converting Lookers into Bookers: Building a Hotel Distribution Strategy That Works

It’s an understatement to say that, in recent years, marketing a hotel has become more complicated. The digital revolution has expanded booking opportunities – leading to a dizzying array of online travel agents (OTAs), website opportunities and social media platforms to take advantage of, and direct booking engines to build and deploy. So, where does […]

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The 6 Key Benefits Your Hotel Is Missing If It Doesn’t Have An Effective GDS

A GDS, or global distribution system, is essentially a huge computer network that passes your inventory details to travel sites and agents around the world. It means you can manage your up-to-date information easily and don’t have to worry whether information is getting transferred to the right sites and locations. There are wide number of […]

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Top 6 Frequently Asked Questions About GDS

The GDS has been a vital part of the hospitality industry for decades, with the first one created back in the 1960s. This ‘Global Distribution System’ acts as a central reservation system for different strands of the hospitality and travel industry, from airlines to hotels. If you work within hospitality, you’ve probably used this hotel […]

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What Are The Biggest Online Distribution Challenges Faced By Hotel Marketers In The Second Half Of 2017?

The online world is changing, and for an industry that has seen almost unprecedented growth in the last few years, that’s a big issue. It’s not enough that customers are turning more and more to online channels to book hotel stays—hotels need to respond appropriately, keeping several steps ahead of the consumer so they’re not […]

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