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Mobile App Development

Over the last decade, mobile hotel bookings have increased dramatically. It is easier for people to book a hotel room on their smart phones on the go, as they are travelling into work or when they are our and about. It is easy, simple and provided your hotel ensures a good customer service experience, it is one of the most popular ways for people to book at your hotel again in the future.

Interestingly, 80% of all last-minute bookings are done on mobile phones. There are plenty of apps for hotel booking experiences which also help people to book a last minute getaway. Hoteliers need to develop and update technology to increase their hotel bookings and stay ahead of the competition. Shockingly, 2 out of 5 mobile transactions for hotel bookings are cancelled because of poor user experience.

If you want to improve your hotel digital marketing, you may wish to book the services of a professional digital hotelier. They are trained in all areas of digital marketing and will be happy to help you get the most out of your various platforms, whether you already have systems in place or whether you are starting from scratch. They can help you with the following:

Ensuring information, pricing and branding is consistent across all platforms

It is really important that your mobile site mimics your PC version. Branding needs to be easily identifiable and you need to include the same pricing and information.

Ensuring that reservation forms are easy to fill in

There is nothing worse than not being able to fill in a form properly on your mobile. If the form is small and difficult to fill in, a customer will simply shop elsewhere, and in the process, get very frustrated by your company. A digital hotelier can help you to develop easy to fill forms and a quick booking process so customers don’t get irritated.

Working on your loading times

A customer or guest scrolls through mobile when they have some free time. Your job is to push the right information through. You must ensure you only relevant content that drives the guest to making a booking. It is also very important to check if the images, graphics and videos load properly. If pages take too long to load it can be very frustrating.

Loyalty offers

Every other hotel business is trying to reach out to the same customer as you and competition is fierce. You need to give your customers something to book with you for. For instance, you could an edge over others by having mobile-only loyalty or offers for your guests. This allows them to book with confidence, knowing they are getting a good deal. Essentially, customers want to know they have booked a good deal, so you can regularly run promotions across all platforms to help customers take advantage of your hotel.


Mobile App Development

Make no mistake, the mobile app market is blisteringly competitive. The battle for downloads is as fierce as the battle for reservations. Even when your hotel’s mobile app has won a place on your user’s smartphone, having them interact with it regularly and keep it on their device is almost as tricky as getting them to select it from the thousands of other hotel apps crowding the App Store and Google Play.

Some stats suggest that 90% of all mobile apps downloaded are not opened after 30 days, with 75% ignored after just 24 hours.

Other studies show that 70% of travellers will use two apps at most, with even the most frequent travellers downloading a max of three apps and using just two of the trio.

So, what can you do to ensure the money you invest in mobile app development keeps your hotel reservation system software busy with reservations, rather than left to gather virtual dust on a smartphone or tablet device? One innovation report has attempted to identify just what sets the successful app apart.

The ‘Digital Keys to Hotel App Success’ says that one of the pillars of a successful app is frequent updates. For hoteliers, this information is crucial and means that the value of retaining mobile app development services for periodic app development should not be underestimated. According to its research, a positive relationship exists between how often a travel app is updated and its ranking in the App Store.

Interestingly, the report suggests that there is also a credible correlation between the age of the app and its App Store rank. Therefore, it makes more sense to continually invest in the update of an existing app rather than shelve an app that doesn’t have an immediate onslaught of downloads. With age being crucial to ranking, hotels which were quick to invest in mobile app development are likely to enjoy more success more easily than those launching brand new apps.

Two of the top travel apps in the App Store come from Hilton and Marriott International. The report finds that both apps are updated an average of 13 times per year, or just over once per calendar month. If you are guilty of letting your app slide past this timeframe, or conducting only infrequent updates, creating a regular roll-out schedule for new features and versions could help to improve both user engagement and App Store rank. This in turn leads to more visibility – a benefit which should then lead to a spike in demand on your hotel reservation system software.

Other useful insights from the report include ensuring your hotel app is optimised to function well across multiple devices. This will help to ensure reach and functionality. Additional features above and beyond the expected link to your hotel booking engine also come highly recommended – consider things like translation, lists of recommended dining and entertainment spots nearby, weather updates and excursions.


Mobile App Development

With the rise of smartphones and millions of people using apps everyday to cover everything from entertainment to shopping, it’s time for hotels to assess how they can use fully integrated apps to their advantage. Businesses across all sectors are facing increasing customer demands for omnichannel services, allowing them to access content in a variety of ways. Those businesses that fail to listen could fall behind.

Many leaders have already embraced hotel app development to further their business and customer communication. But integrated apps go further. Rather than simply handing the work over to a third party to cover some hotel processes, integrated apps create platforms that act as a digital portal to cover the entire hospitality process, from consumers researching hotels to leaving a review. Working across multiple connection points, it’s a booking engine software option that hotels need to be considering to increase reservations, reach and loyalty.

An integrated app solution could be the answer to your omnichannel needs

If you’re not convinced about the advantage of integrated app solutions, we’ve got seven reasons to look at your hotel app development now:

• Builds trust – An integrated app solution encompasses your brand and ethos, helping to build trust with your customers using it. Travellers that have a reliable, trustworthy way to book and contact you are more likely to do so, helping to generate more business.

• Streamlines payment process – App that are designed with the future in mind should include an effortless payment system, no matter how it’s being accessed. Research shows that complicated and time consuming payment methods lead to customers abandoning their carts, while streamlining can reduce this.

• Integrates reward systems – Your rewards system should be considered one of your selling points, giving travellers that extra reason to return and book with you. An omnichannel app means that rewards can be viewed, accessed, or redeemed at just the tap of a screen for the ultimate convenience that travellers will love.

• Improves customer loyalty – Integrated apps give you the perfect way to establish a connection with both leads and customers alike. You can efficiently highlight why they should be using your brand, encouraging a strong sense of customer loyalty, which in turn, gives your reservations and profits a boost.

• Creates a consistent experience – Transforming your current offering to consider the omnichannel approach allows you to create a consistent experience across every platform. From how you communication to the prices on offer, you’ll be able to ensure every customer benefits from the high standards that your set.

• Notifications provide numerous opportunities – App notifications are already being used to great effect by the hotel community and integrated solutions further enhance that. A notification can encourage someone who has left their basket return or give the nudge for a reservation to decide to upgrade his or her room.

• Gather invaluable data – With a unified experience across all platforms that’s fully integrated into your processes, you’ll be able to tap into a wealth of information. Having data at your fingertips can be invaluable to draw on for a variety of decision making purposes, such as how to improve marketing efforts and what hotel areas you should be investing in.

Integrated omnichannel apps are the future of communication and customer journey for the hotel industry.


Mobile App Development

The mobile era is here. All over the world we’re seeing huge increases in mobile viewings and bookings, with many of these largely going through online travel agency (OTA) websites. Whilst this may be great news for OTAs, what this means is that a gulf opens up between you and your guests. More often than not, the first exposure your customers will have with you is when they’ve walked through the front door of your lobby due to the fact their entire journey has been handled by an OTA.

A remedy to bridging the distance between you and your guests is to create a mobile experience of your own that rivals both the functionality and usefulness of OTAs. With your own native app you can offer enhanced engagement with your customers by putting your hotel brand in their pocket, and the power back in your hands.

Native apps aren’t just about providing an alternative booking channel either; you can provide an immersive brand experience that showcases everything good about your hotel. Read on to find out how a Digital Hotelier app can help your hotel stand out from the crowd and boost your revenue.

UI excellence

We can offer you a gorgeous user interface that your clients will find a joy to use. Including features such as quick-access menu bars for easy navigation, rotating image galleries, promo codes for exclusive offers, live weather, quick availability search, videos and more, your customers will have everything they need to know about your hotel at their fingertips. We’ll also incorporate your own branding into your app to give it the official touch, and our experts work with the most powerful and widely used platforms in iOS and Android.

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Your brand in your guest’s pocket

With a Digital Hotelier app you’re putting your brand a swipe away from your customer. You can keep your guests up to date with your latest updates, services and attractions and sync user’s emails to their social media accounts for a more personalized service than ever before. Offering packages and promotions through your app not only creates a better guest experience, it grants you another channel to increase your revenue with too.

Easy booking

Increasing your direct bookings are the quickest way to boost your revenue, and our app will make booking the easiest it’s ever been. On top of that, we’ll increase your takings even further with Google wallet and Apple Wallet integration so that your guests can take advantage of loyalty card programmes, discount coupons, seasonal sales offers and more.

Intuitive search

Our app can make it easier than ever for your guests to find what they want. All of your group’s hotels and rooms will be listed based on price or classification. What’s more, with features such as Google Map and Uber integration you can be sure your guests won’t have any trouble finding you, and prospective customers can book quickly and easily through card payments on the app.

Marketing power

Our Google AdWords professionals and PPC experts bring a wealth of experience to the table that can benefit your hotel. Our specialist team will analyse your keywords, website landing pages, budgets, geo-graphics and more to ensure that you’ve got the best campaign possible. We’ll also provide a regular review of your results and adjust accordingly to ensure you’re getting the best value for money.


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