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5 smart home technology ideas for your hotel

Smart technology is taking over homes, providing convenience for consumers across a variety of areas. But while it offers incredible potential for businesses, uptake in the hospitality sector has been slow. Understanding and implementing the latest technology trends can give your hotel a boost, attracting more customers and improving satisfaction levels at the same time, […]

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Overcoming Current Challenges Facing the Hospitality Industry – An Expert’s View

The hospitality industry has always faced challenges. But with the current economic climate – and its associated challenges- having a ripple effect throughout the international business landscape, the pressure felt by many in the hospitality industry has never been higher. It’s now more important than ever before that the hospitality industry is working hard to […]

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New white paper invites travel industry experts to share their thoughts on 70 key trends

A new white paper has been published which analyses 70 trends sweeping the globe and their likely impact on the travel industry. The range is broad; everything from the rise of nationalism to new programming standards is studied for its potential to help or hinder hoteliers and travel industry professionals. The report, titled What If? […]

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