Meta-Search Connectivity

Display your direct website rates and compete with the OTA’s.

Meta-search engines compare the rates, offered by multiple online travel agents, for a hotel room on the dates selected by a potential guest. Unless hotels set up their own meta-search, their direct rates will not display. 

Our hotelierDirect booking engine integrates with the world’s largest hotel meta-search channels, such as Google Hotel Ads, TripAdvisor and Trivago. We also offer connections to leading regional meta-search platforms. Our meta-search platform also supports many third-party booking engines, central reservation systems and channel management tools.

Whichever connections you choose, we ensure accurate pricing & availability is displayed, consistent with your inventory and revenue management strategy. If you prefer, we can manage your meta-search campaigns for you and monitor rate parity too.

Connecting you to meta-search success

  • Certified connections to Google Hotel Ads, TripAdvisor, Trivago & Kayak
  • Connect to popular regional meta-search engines like WeGo
  • Accurate pricing & availability maintained across platforms
  • Appear in free and paid listings on popular meta-search engines
  • Our experienced team can manage your campaigns end-to end

Connect to more direct revenue for less cost.
With digitalhotelier meta-search.

Connecting to meta-search with digitalhotelier allows your direct price and booking engine link to appear alongside OTAs in this fast growing channel. 

Let us manage your meta-search marketing for higher direct bookings with lower distribution costs and rate parity monitoring.

Certified Connections

Certified Connections

Allowing you to sell your rooms on Google Hotel Ads, TripAdvisor, Trivago, Wego, Kayak and other major meta-search engines. 

Booking Engine Synch

Booking Engine Sync

To ensure accurate pricing & availability is displayed, consistent with your inventory and revenue management strategy.

Global & Regional Reach

Global & Regional Reach

Meta-search accounts for 40% of travel website views globally. We can connect you to both global and regional meta-search sites.

Low Distribution Costs

Low Distribution Costs

Distribution costs are consistently lower than for other sales channels with a variety of tools available to manage costs v returns.

High Direct Bookings

Increased Direct Bookings

Guests see your direct price alongside OTA options. Manage prices to increase direct bookings and lower OTA commissions.

Campaign Management

Campaign Management

Our experts can manage your meta-search campaigns for you, keeping your overall costs below typical OTA commission rates.

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