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Everything your hotel needs to know about Google Posts

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Google has long provided a strong range of tools for businesses, including hotels, to rate higher for local searches. One of the new additions this year has been Google Posts, a messaging system that is specifically aimed at small businesses.

If you have a promotion that you want to get out to customers or you’re keen to support local events and tell your guests what’s going on around the hotel, Google Posts could well become the next power tool in your armoury.

What is It?

Google Posts is a quick and easy to use post system that allows you to post 300 words of linked content, in both Search and Maps, along with an image. It is currently available on the Google My Business platform, either through the website or via Google’s downloadable app. If you’re looking for hotel marketing solutions that hit the mark for local searches this will allow you to:

• Post details for specials or promotions to customers, both new and existing.
• Promote upcoming events or tell your customers about things that are happening in the local area.
• Showcase successes for your hotel business or new developments.
• Allow customers to reserve a room, sign up to your newsletter, buy a particular product or take advantage of a great new offer.


How To Access Google Posts

You need to be signed up to Google My Business, either through the website or by downloading the mobile app. The app is a little more flexible and highly suitable for hotel marketing solutions, allowing you to post new information and offers on the go rather than waiting until you’re sat in front of your pc.

Once you log into your Google My Business panel, you’ll see the posts menu item on the left. Tap this and Google Posts appears on the right hand side, giving you several options:

• You can write a post of 300 words or under and upload an image.
• You can tag something as an event with begin and end dates and times.
• You can add various linked, call to action buttons: Learn More, Reserve, Sign Up, Buy, Get Offer.

Once you have sent a post it will show up in both Google Maps and Search. Because your post will be appearing within a search engine, you need to think about your 300 word content and event titles in SEO mode, ensuring they contain the right keywords.

Measuring Success

For hotel marketing solutions, there are a number of simple, if limited, metrics that are included with Google Posts including number of views and URL tagging. You can also track engagement better with coupon codes.

Aimed at optimising local searches, Google Posts is similar to Facebook with their call to action services for businesses. If you’re currently using this, then adding Google Posts will seem pretty familiar and will certainly provide you with a little more free marketing power.

As a fairly new product on the market, it’s not clear how much more visibility Google Posts will really provide for your business and feedback has been fairly patchy so far. Having said that, it’s certainly worth engaging with, at least while its free to use.

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