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What should you invest in to improve guest mobile user experience?

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Technology has changed the way we live in ways we couldn’t have imagined just a few decades ago. While it has given all of us new avenues to explore and information ready at the touch of a button, it has also presented challenges to marketing professionals who want to leverage this technology in the best way possible.

Top of the list in recent times for marketers has been the mobile user experience. Getting this right has become increasingly important for a whole variety of sectors. Consumers have moved away from accessing information on desktop pcs and are now more comfortable grabbing information while on the move on their smartphones and tablets – and they expect it to be up to date and highly relevant to their needs.

Mobile Ready

It should be a given by now that your hotel website provides its content with the right mobile app UX design. In other words, your pages need to display perfectly on any mobile device – you don’t want your guests squinting at their smartphone screen trying to read the content or navigate their way through your hotel site because the design is wrong for the device. According to Google:

• 89% of people will recommend a brand after a positive experience on mobile.
• But 62% are less likely to buy from a brand in the future if they have a negative experience on mobile.


Quick Response Times

It seems as we grow more dependent on our tech, we all want it to work faster. Head back a decade or so and we were all waiting for pages to download, at least for a few seconds. Research shows that if a page takes more than a five seconds to download today, users are likely to lose patience and look somewhere else. The majority of marketers now believe that improving download speeds on mobile means they will greatly increase customer satisfaction.

Personalising the Experience

Creating a hotel responsive web design, however, is not just about speed. More and more of us expect a personalised experience when we visit any site. Since Amazon and other stores began using customer behaviour and algorithms to make on the spot recommendations, customers have started to expect this kind of provision across the board. 90% of businesses which personalise experiences see a boost in profitability and investing in this area is seen as an important component of all digital marketing in the future.

Continuity Across Platforms

The final thing that hotel customers and other consumers now expect is continuity. Wherever they view your content and on whatever device, they expect the experience to be the same. This is something that many brands do least well but it’s an area that marketers are starting to invest in more. 89% of marketers say creating end-to-end experiences for their customers, irrespective of the channel or the device being used, is one of their biggest challenges. It’s particularly relevant when considering the fast growing mobile user experience.

Focusing on mobile has become a high priority for all marketing teams in recent years. Whether it’s viewing blog posts, social media posts or watching videos, these handheld devices give us the capacity to view content and engage with brands while on the move, wherever we are in the world. If you haven’t done so already, it’s time to invest some more time and effort in making sure your mobile marketing is everything it should be.

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