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OTAs Help Book. Your Services Help Book Again

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OTAs today function as the prime sellers and promoters of your hotel business. They have the right resource, technology and technique to reach a potential customer anywhere in the world. They have helped hotels advertise better and get more bookings.
Though the relationship between hotels and OTAs has definitely proven to be beneficial, it is still half the work done. OTAs do help in getting the booking, but it’s your services that make customers come back. Once the booking engine software is made, it is then the responsibility of your hotel to provide optimum service to your customer. This service is what makes them your loyal customer. Your bond with OTA becomes a hit if the customer enjoys the kind of service they hoped for or if they get something even better.
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The real value to your business is added, once customer arrives at your hotel. Here are some pointers, as to how you can make your customer’s stay ideal as well as win their heart and loyalty:

Practice equality: Instruct your staff to treat all customers equally irrespective of the channel they have booked through. Give a VIP treatment to all. Make them feel welcomed and served like an extra-ordinary guest. Go out of your way to help them. Great service is remembered by all and will make them come back to you again as well as promote your brand through word of mouth.
  • Think out-of-the-box: Provide as much assistance as you can to every customer. Travellers today love to explore. Suggest them local attractions to help them see and know the city better. For instance, you can plan an evening of games to keep your guests entertained during the after hours. This helps them relax if they are on a work trip or makes them enjoy their holiday to the fullest.
  • Promote direct booking: Introduce your guests to offers and attractions they can avail if they book directly with you. Hand out your services and USPs. Advertise the benefits of booking direct while they are at the property. This is your golden chance to impress them and boost direct bookings.
  • Connect with them: Request them to fill surveys to improve or complement your services. Get reviews, make them leave behind their email address or numbers for you to share your best and exclusive offers only with them.
In the hotel industry, personalised services still help your business grow.

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