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Occupancy Figures Show Paris Bouncing Back from Shadow of Terrorist Attacks

New occupancy figures show that Paris is bouncing back from the shadow of multiple terrorist attacks which hit its tourism and hotel occupancy figures hard. Following terror attacks in 2015, the number of tourists visiting Paris dropped significantly however, new figures show that the capital has bounced back with a ten year high. Official occupancy […]

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Negative Reviews? Tactics To Use To Drive Them Down The Search Results

Negative reviews are an unfortunate fact of running a business with a digital dimension. Learning how to manage them effectively is a vital part of making your business a success. Digital Hotelier specialises in online reputation management services, helping to keep your company image as positive as possible for anyone seeking out your hotel online. […]

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Making the Right Decision is Crucial

Today’s hoteliers have to make their choices wisely and think before they act, as any rash decisions could have potentially damaging consequences. Choosing a highly-regarded digital marketing agency should be viewed in exactly the same way that you would a prospective business partner, and done with the same scrutiny, inquisitiveness, honesty and proof of performance. […]

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